Amy Shy

Me again, back for another review before going to sleep. And this time I wanted to end with a more social-minded post, I mean, why not pick a girl from Ukraine today and tell her how we all support her and think she is brave for being online? So, Amy is today under my foreseeing mouse, cause my eyes are fucked after staring at her screen. So many things going on. She has a lush, she has notifications on screen that tells you who sends her appreciation, etc etc… Busy room, busy girl. You would almost say she is trying to get herself distracted, maybe going out with a bang. Whatever is going to happen, we will see it live on CherryTV, and from what I noticed, cherry is hosting a handful of Ukrainian models, so in a way, I feel good about working in the porn. Some of our work results flow over to the people who really need it. Enough about the stuff that does not matter, let’s give Amy a warm sexy welcome. Let’s invade her cam room and plant some flags. And do not forget those goddamn tokens… Jesus… make sure you give her some!

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