Dina Poison

Dina is a dangerous transsexual. She looks perfectly like a woman, her whole body is shaped naturally, her face is feme, and her ass is like that of any desirable cam girl. But when you look down, you see an extra package. And you might wonder, how the hell is this possible? For this, I refer you to Wikipedia, a very nice place where you can read about genders, transsexuals, and how it all started, and with resource links. So, that being said, back to Dina. I can swear to you, she could fool me in real life. Now, I am not going into details about how and what, but I will invite you to take your own initiative and visit her room and ask her anything that is on your mind. A nice talk to start with, and maybe … things become harder…for both!

I feel that I can still surprise you in a nice way