Ivy Ice

Come to my room

When you watch Ivy for a few moments, you might come to the same conclusion as I have made, she might have an orgasm every 30 seconds. With all those internal feelings and emotions she is handling, you can see she is trying to burst like a volcano. This means that anyone who is going to make her cum is going to see an eruption that halts flight traffic again! With Ivy, you are on thin ice. There is no way to give her attention and just quietly sneak out. When you say A you better say B. Taking into account that she is searching for more friends and seriously wants to get that Dream Car she put up as a goal on the website, the only way to make her happy is to drive her closer to that specific goal. So if you have 3 bitcoins to spend, buy her a new car! At least you can say you are the REAL SANTA! Cherry has a December Bonus for all big spenders, so in any case, I touched a nerve, I made up for that right now! Take this beautiful lady on an adventure, show off your generous personality, and learn a few new tricks on how to impress a lady!

See you in my cam room