Shiny Lily

This is one of the live cam sex rooms you do not run into every day, but CherryTV stands out in the original setup of new models with each their own kink. With Shiny it is a simple concept, do not expect her to type back when she is tied down. No no, there is a dagger and a gun on the table here, and you have to be seriously blind if you do not see what is going on here. I will explain, she is tied down, and has a dildo hooked up to a machine that responds to the number of tokens you are feeding it. The intensity of the drilling is in your hands! You can make her scream if you want, for sure she is not able to release herself. If you are a little bit of a sadist, you drop 1000 tokens on her machine and make her cry. For sure you do not have to fight anyone to receive the tears of pain you so dearly need on a dark day as today. Go have fun, make her beg you to stop!

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